Thursday, May 3, 2012


Rant time!:
I'm still alive! I know my absence is unexcused, and I really have nothing to show for it. I just really lost interest in blogging. :/ Does that mean I'll be gone for good? Probably not. :) There's just *too* much drama and bullshit going around the internet... with blogging, facebook groups and companies that I really feel awkward here anymore... this used to be something I loved, now I dread reading posts because it's saying "so and so did this" or "this person's a bitch, send the troops to go flame them!" blah blah blah. I really hate backstabbing and immature bullshit. I'm probably one of the youngest bloggers in the circle right now, and I'm kinda ashamed to say I'm one of the only people that's stayed away from the crap that circulated around. There are some people I still really care about on here though, and mainly the one who has kept me sane and gave me a glimmer of hope through all of this... Diana <3

I have no idea when/if things cool down I'd make some sort of fizzled out return... but until then just know this: I've improved, a lot! I have a shit ton more confidence now, better skills with my camera/lighting, WAY improved on my makeup techniques and have just generally grown and changed (as all teenagers do, right?).

I still really care about this. Blogging. Friends I've made (and probably lost through this long non-posting). Knowlege I've gained. Confidence I never knew I had. To be honest... I've been a huge creep these past couple months. I've been lurking around all your blogs, and I honest have read every single post that's popped up in my blogroll. I check it everyday, sometimes a few times daily... just didn't want to comment to avoid any awkwardness. Hope some of you still remember who I am.