Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Morgana Cryptoria Review!

Again, I forgot to do my review. =P Since I ordered from Morgana's Minerals, the name has changed to Morgana Cryptoria.

Morgana Cryptoria is a very unique mineral indie company, well known for their beautiful rainbow of lipsticks. Full sized eyeshadows are $6.50, and full sized lipsticks are $10. The order I placed was during a 50% off sale, and I got 15 full sized shadows and 2 full sized lipsticks. Customer service is top of the line, Melissa is so sweet!

My swatches!

Alchemy- A bright fuchsia with blue shift/sparkles! So pretty, I've been trying to hold myself back from using this one up. =P
Beowulf- A beautiful blue with gold/greenish blue shift and sparkles. So deep and complex.
Concubine- Deep red semi-matte base loaded with red and gold sparkles. I was worried the glitter wouldn't show up once applied to the lid, but boy it does!
Fortress- To think I wasn't going to buy this one... Wow, such a great color. A mauve/pink base with strong blue shift. So gorgeous.
Goblet- A nice metallic wine color, with silver sparkles.
Lady Godiva- A fitting name for an amazing color. Dusty purple with pink sparkles and shift. Perfect for a smoky eye.
Mordered- I don't normally go for browns, this is an exception. Just stunning, and it goes with just about any look.
LE #7- Whoa... another one I wasn't going to order but am so glad I did. Just think of the word "fairytale", and you'll get a good image of this one in your head. Light purple with pink/purple/blue sparkles and shift.
Zombie Ambrosia- Hehe, I love that name. Bright blue with a pink shift, for some reason I thought this one was going to be purple, but it's not. Which is a good thing to me, the blue makes the pink stand out more. :D
Pumpkin Pie- A nearly metallic orange with gold sparkles. This one suits my skin soooo well. :D
Harken- I don't even know what to say about this one. It's officially one of my ALL TIME favorite shades. I adore this color, you need to get one!
North Pole- Name is pretty well suited for this one, it's so magical. Picture a blue pine tree all lit up with bright lights and colorful bulbs upon it, and you'll get a good image of this color. Sooo complex.
Tinsel Me- A nearly metallic silver loaded with sparkle.
Twinkling Cherrine- Great orange based red satin with red and silver sparkle.
Crow's Nest- Perfect dark metallic gold.

The formula on these... leaves me speechless. I would have never expected such funky shades to be so opaque and still be so smooth. Both shades I got are now discontinued, but there are still sooooo many more to pick from!

Slime- SUPER bright and opaque lime green!
Serpent- Dark green with beautiful green and gold sparkle.

Shipping was pretty good, and I did get a tracking number. Prices are pretty cheap too.

Would I order again?
HELL FUCKING YES. One of my favorite companies evar! :o

Shipping: 5/5
Price: 5/5
Customer Service: 5/5
Product: 5/5

Overall: 20/20

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