Monday, May 16, 2011

NYX Sale Drama

So, I'm sure everyone knows what I'm about to talk about. If not, let me give you a quick fill-in:

Nyx was having a 12 year anniversary sale on their USA website, which was supposed to be for 12 hours starting at 12 noon PST. That didn't work out 'cuz, well, they got flooded, like sites always do, and crashed. No one really got orders in, so they extended the sale. Then extended it again, and it ended up being 24 hours long... twice what it was initially planned to be.

If you're a crazy bitch like me, and you have competitive issues, or you just like good stuff cheap and have a heart of gold... you don't give up. I was awake... and trying... for ALL 24 MOTHER FUCKING HOURS. The site was so glitchy, loading items at first was the main issue, then that issue was resolved where you got into the main clusterfuck that became the never-ending battle of the masses... the checkout page. You could not, by any means, get past it.

Some people where even spreading false rumors at one point on the Nyx Facebook page saying their credit card info had been hacked and was being transferred from their cart into other customer's carts, but I, along with many other facebook fans, quickly brought down these trolls. It got sickening how people were going at each other's throats on Facebook and Twitter, but I ignored it as I could give a shit less. :) I just want my goodies. Hehe. :D

So, I kept trying. For hours and hours, until it was getting down to the wire and Nyx's office was supposed to be opening at 9 AM, EST. We all waited for statements and the traffic to slow down or the servers to open up, but... nothing. Then, alas, then make-up gods spoke. With a lot of bullshit!

Via Twitter:

"If you have any questions and concerns we have our devoted NYX team in the headquarters today working extra hard on our difficulties that we have been experiencing. We apologize for this occurrence and we assure you that we are doing everything in our power to alleviate the situation. Thank you!"
"We are extremely grateful to have our fans try to shop with us! We are apologetic to the fact that a lot of you cannot get through . We are trying to alleviate the problem with all our power! Thank you!"

Okay, that was all we heard, after thousands of us being up all night long just trying to get past the server errors. Then came this, at about 1/2 an hour before the sale was supposed to end, again via Twitter:

"We will not be extending the sale. If you email feedback[at]nyxcosmetics[dot]com we will be able to reward you with your 50% off discount. Thank you!"

The 50% off discount they speak of is a discount that applies if you live in the main 48 USA states, and you need to email Nyx with your "full name and information" as they stated on Facebook in a post. What that means, they have not clarified. You also get free shipping. They also have not answered my questions as to if it applies to only certain items or the entire site, and if those who placed orders during the anniversary sale are ineligable or not. Those who have called have mainly all gotten hung up on, gotten the run around, or have gotten no answers at all.

Nyx has displaced extremely poor customer service through all of this, and I for one cannot believe that after 12 years and having such a large business they couldn't have been more prepared for this, and beefed up their servers.

HOWEVER, the floodgates opened, and a whole new class of fuckery began.

At 12:44 PM PST, 44 minutes after the sale "ended", I was still trying to get my order to go through, as it seemed like something had changed with their proxy. Oh, and hey, guess what? It went through. With the discount. I then screencapped my order summary and posted it to the Nyx Facebook wall, only to have my picture, along with several others who also were able to get orders in and screencapped for proof, removed. Nyx had deleted the pictures and removed the posts we were all making on their page about being able to get orders in. How lovely, right?!

I will still continue to stand by Nyx's product, however, I will NOT stand by their service. They can go fuck themselves with something hard and sandpapery.

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