Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New WnW Palettes!

(Excuse the messy vanity)

I managed to find the six new Wet N Wild trios at my Rite Aid (woo!) along with the nail polish from the fast dry collection they just released called "Party of Five Glitters". I picked up Revlon's Just Bitten lipstain in "Craze" and a new scented polish in "Not So Blueberry". The shade is so pretty but the scent makes me sick because it's a candy sickeningly sweet kind of smell and I had to take the nail polish off my fingers because it gave me a headache after I swatched it. =( Maybe a topcoat will help? Anyways, onto swatches!

L-R: Silent Treatment, I'm Getting Sunburned, I Got Good Jeans

L-R: I'm Feelin' Retro, Spoiled Brat, I Dream Of Greenie

My favorite is of course I Dream of Greenie... they're just so damn pretty. What about you guys? What's yo flava?

My mini review:

I'm Feelin' Retro was disappointing though pretty much every other blogger has said this already, but the colors are just so damn sheer I had to say it too. Every other palette makes up for what that one lacks and has the same WOW factor the Color Icon line has brought in the past so these get an A+ in my book!


  1. Why why WHY dont we get WnW over here!! So jealous, I want all of these, esp I dream of greenie! Sincerely hope youre feeling better my lovely! .x

  2. Ha! Glad you got them too!
    I totally agree on the IFR palette!
    the others are all great!

  3. Yum yum, lovely swatches.:O Geez I really need to get some of those palettes but I have shadows coming out of my ears at the moment. XD

  4. Thanks for the swatches! I'm Getting Sunburned didn't do it for me in stores, but that swatch looks super pretty.

  5. Hope you're doing well, lady! Miss you!