Friday, July 29, 2011

Not Related To Makeup Whatsoever

Buuuuut you should totally read this post anyways. :)

So, as I'm sure you can already guess from the picture above... mom and I adopted a new doggy. We just picked her up from the humane society this morning and she was in dire need of medical attention, which was pretty much why we wanted to adopt her in the first place. She was part of this story in my area:

"CAMBRIA COUNTY, Pa. -- The first pack of 32 dogs was found Tuesday by two women walking in a rural area of Cambria County. The pack of 32 dogs was taken to the Humane Society in Richland. Animal enforcement officials dropped off four more on Wednesday, two adults and two puppies were found on Vetera Road in rural Ebensburg.

The manager at the Humane Society said she was told to expect up to 80 dogs as the investigation continues.

She said the dogs range in age from 6-months to 5-years. They are all a mixed terrier breed, most infested with fleas, some malnourished. Volunteers at the shelter are doing what they can to get the dogs healthy and ready for adoption.

"We have them entered as strays,” said shelter manager Karin Newbaker. “As per any other stray we would enter into our facility, they're available for adoption within 48 hours. So most of them, most of the 32 that are here now, should be available for adoption (Thursday)."

Authorities said they are trying to piece together how the dogs found Wednesday are connected to the original pack.

Officers asked WJAC-TV not to reveal the original location while the investigation continues."

We came up right after they put the dogs out on Thursday, and our little "Bambi", as we named her, was not able to go home that day because her skin/eyes/gums were all yellow... her skin was terribly dry, she could not really eat on her own and had to be fed and given water through an eye dropper... pretty much she wasn't given a good diagnosis, but all of the shelter workers were keeping up hope for her and doing everything they could to keep her healty and comfortable.

She broke us both to pieces when we saw her Thursday (7/28/11) and when we went home that night she was ALL mom could talk about. So, we decided to go back up Friday and take her out the the vet office right away and treat her and give her the same second chance at life we have both been given.

She is currently out at the vet's office and will remain there until about Sunday or maybe monday. They are giving her IV fluids and are trying to treat her kidney and liver functions, which are what's really the only thing hindering her recovery right now, because she is able to eat and drink on her own, and she is up and walking fine now, so we're really hoping she pulls through.

This is just a message that I live by on a daily basis, and I want to remind the rest of the world of as well. Please... treat animals with kindness and compassion, don't abuse and neglect them.


  1. Awww.... how awful there are so many dogs being taken in :( I can't believe someone would let the dogs get to that condition. But how wonderful of you guys to adopt one right away. That is so awesome! I'm such an animal lover and hate to hear stories of neglect like that.

  2. Aww she looks like a little sweetheart! We got our last two cats from an animal rescue place, although it breaks my heart going in there because I always want to take all of the animals in there home! Really hoping she pulls through for you! .x

  3. Wow this story made me so sad. As a dog lover, it saddens me to hear of all these stories of abuse. But I'm glad one of them now has a loving home!

  4. aww this post is so sad! i am so sorry about your dog, and i truly hope she recovers! i adopted a cat a few years ago who had similar problems, and i think the treatment animals get is just awful! great post-people need to be more aware!

  5. Thanks for all the support everyone, Bambi is doing okay right now, had a minor heat exhaustion and had to be rushed back to the vet when we brought her home on Tuesday, but she is home again and doing great! Eating like a horse (she only weighs 5 lbs right now) and getting along with my other animals quite well. :)

  6. What a sad story. But, it's so lovely that you adopted her. She is so cute!!

    I cannot wait to read more of your blog posts, they are fantastic. You are also very pretty! Keep up the good work.

    All the best,