Monday, August 11, 2014

Purple/green duocrome

I love layering shadows. This is Jessie's girl kiwi rose over top of a purple NYC shadow with a wet n wild matte black for the crease.


  1. Oh man! I didn't see you were posting again! I know I've never commented before but I've been a mad creeper (mwahahaaaa) for a while so it's glad to see your posts again. I really love your eotds and I've been creeping so hard because I've never seen a local blogger (I live in blairsville, but up on Penn view mountain, which is pretty close to johnstown)
    And I have to say you're looking great! And I really like this look :)

  2. Oh cool, I'm originally from New Florence so I used to dick around in Blairsville all the time at tech haha! You got a link to your blog girly? (: & thank you!