Monday, August 9, 2010

Morgana Cryptoria Haul & Initial Thoughts

Yayyy I'm so excited to share this with you guys! My long-awaited package came in the mail from a wonderful company called Morgana Cryptoria. I'm too tired to post my swatches tonight but here's the package and my thoughts on the products as I took them out. I have not gotten to actually use/try them other than to swatch them, so just an FYI.
First of all, everything was nicely packed in zipper baggies in bubble wrap inside a carboard mailer. Sorry, I edited out my address from the invoice, haha. I got 15 eyeshadows and 2 lipsticks.

Three of them came without labels? Then there's this weird thing about the jars... maybe I'm just picky but when I looked at them in the baggies and thought, "Oh, it's just the older colors that have clear lids", but, erm, no? For some reason Fortress (from the newest collection) is in a clear-lided jar. Whatevs, who cares, right? Well... then I realized once I took them out of the baggies two lids were just perched on the jars, but luckily nothing spilled because they have sifters which had tape over the holes. That tape was a bit of a pain to remove though, and in some of the jars the tape had come off and some of the product was loose, and made a little of a mess. Still, no real product was lost, I guess my OCD was just screaming at me this morning LOL!

See what I mean? The products themselves seem ah-mazing so far, and I'll post swatches tomorrow and a review after I get to play with them. :D

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