Friday, February 11, 2011

A FOTD Actually From Today

LE GASP! I haven't posted a LOTD in... how long? Idfk. This is what I look like today. Out of the hospital. For the third fucking time this week.

This was uhm, 40s inspired. :p I have no idea why I felt the 40s era when I was doing my makeup today... but this is what happened. And, yes, I have a chunk missing out of my left eyelid. Just ignore that kays? Thankies. :D

Anyways, teh goodz:

Normal face stuff, which I'll update you guys on later.
Physician's Formula happy booster blush in "natural"

Normal primer and base on eyes
All I used on the eyes was WnW's new "Silent Treatment" palette for the shadows
Revlon Colorstay eyeliner in black, smudged with shadow on top
combo of maybelline colossol and falsies mascaras

Morgana Cryptoria's "Valentine" lippie.... after all day wear, no touch-ups. Love this shade so much!

Personal blog, feel free to skip:
I still feel like garbage but today was my first day back to work and idk if my body can take it. I'm in a lot of pain and I got a headache (which I really have to be fearful of now.... they can mean life or death or some shit, because of the pressure in my skull) and cried at work, only for a split second but still enough to piss me off because I hate crying lol. My doctor said he may want to do another spinal tap in two to three weeks after I heal (yeah right lol) and doubled my seizure medication to help with the phesudotumor ceribri for now. I have no idea if my spelling or grammar is at least decent nor do I care, mwahaha! Oh... I've lost my mind. I'm just clinging onto my happiness, which is here. My makeup. My music. My future. Just you wait, you'll see me someday. I'm not dead yet, am I? :)


  1. Beautiful as always!

    I hope you get better soon! :)

  2. You're beautiful! I am wishing you all the best!

  3. Love this look, silent treatment is a great trio.
    Hope you feel better real soon

  4. This is so pretty! I love how you did the liner. Why haven't I used that Silent Treatment trio yet?? Sheesh. :)

    Feel better.

  5. Sorry you're having to go all this - but at least you look fabulous, right? This look is so great and smoky, and your eyeliner shape is amazing! Hope you start feeling much better real soon!

  6. Love the makeup! The Silent Treatment palette is awesome! And your winged liner looks great! I really hope you get to feeling better! We are still here regardless of how long its been since you posted!

  7. Thank you guys, it means so much to have your support. <3 :D

  8. The Silent Treatment palette looks amazing and you look hot! hot! hot!
    Hope you're feeling better soon ma'dear. X

  9. Thank you so much that's so sweeeeet! :D