Friday, January 7, 2011

Recent (and some not-so-recent) Haulings

Instead of doing separate posts (seeing as how I got so much shit) I decided to lump them all together. :D

First up is OHWTO. I got three of the holiday scents in solid form from the Artfire Shop, because there happened to be a discount code running for 15% off. :) I ordered the "Set of three solid scents" listing and got Reunion, Chestnuts Roasting and A Partiage in A Pear Tree, which I had gotten a sample of with my last order. :D My samples this time were Evil Angel and Dark Kiss.

Next up is Solstice Scents. Again, holiday goodies! I got Spiked Nog and Nutmeg, Rice Pudding and Rum Soaked Raisins, Gingerdead Man and Gingerbread and Vanilla Cream. I also got samples of Bayberry and Chestnuts Roasting, so I've now tried all of the holiday yummies she has to offer. I may be getting full sizes of the samples I got as well, because they're quite nice too.

Next stop... The Morbid The Merrier! Okay, so these are my very first perfumes from this company, and I'm quite impressed. I ordered from the Etsy shop because Lysa seems to be stocking it back up again, which I like because you know... I'm addicted to Etsy. o.o I got Horseman, Kringle and Griswold. The sample included was one of her new and just-released Valentine's collection, and I got Lust #2. I LOVE LEATHER, and I want the whole new collection because it suits me so well. Oh my, how delicious!

This was just a little gift haul that Becca was sooooo sweet to send me, and yes, I just had to post it to say thank you! :D

To be honest, at first, I didn't want to do a post on this. I'll go more into my review of this later. The perfume I purchased is Black No. 1 from Rita's Spiritual Goods on Etsy. I'll post about it later, at first I hated it and now I love it... I'll just leave it at that!

These polishes were from about a month or so ago, and I just never got around to posting them. Stellare Notte from Borghese and Galaxy from Revlon.

These were from Halloween. Oh yes, they're that old now. Hard Candy cheek tint duo stick in "Hot Date", Hard Candy plumping gloss in "Jellyfish", Hard Candy polish in "Beetle" (Orly Space Cadet dupe) and WnW Fantasy Makers polish in "Black Magic".

Should I do a post on what I got for Christmas? Yay or nay?

Thanks for looking. :D


  1. cool, I can't wait to get my TMTM package ♥ I didn't order any perfumes though, I'm such a chicken when it comes to scents, and I have a sensitive nose - if you could recommend something light i'd be happy to try it out!! ♥

  2. Awesome stuff! I'd like to see a Christmas gift post :)

  3. Alicia- What kind of smells do you like? Floral, foody, musky, spicey, fruity, ect? I can probably help you out, I have an insane amount of smellies hehehe.
    Heather- Okay, cool! Thanks! :p

  4. I have to try one of these smellies someday....and i love all the packages lol
    And definately YAY for the christmas gift post!
    Hugz xox

  5. Nice hauls! And I'd love to see a Christmas post. :)

  6. Uhmm I dont mind anything - except for musky smells and strong leather smells :)

  7. Diana- Yes, definitely try them when you get a chance! Hehe, thankies. :D
    Kathy- Thank you! Okie dokie. :D
    Alicia- Hmm, maybe try some OHWTO samples in Beach, Yuzu, Evil Angel and/or Desolation Angel. =) They're all "light" and really great scents!