Thursday, November 25, 2010

BLACK FRIDAY SALES! (Happy Thanksgiving!)

Sorry, don't know if anyone's done anything like this yet or not... don't want to steal anyone's idea or anything. :) Just a small list of my favorite shops that I FULLY reccommend, who are having some fucking amazing sales going on!

High Voltage:
Buy two get one free full sized eyeshadows and lip whips, and 30% off your entire order along with free shipping. Refunds will be made through paypal, from what I understand. Include the free items you'd like in the notes to seller section at checkout. Sale starts NOW!

Morgana Cryptoria:
50% off all full size Christmas, Halloween, Pirate, Cleopatra, & Medieval Shadows. Also, Lipsticks - Pastels $7. Other shades: 2 @ $9 each, 3 @ $8 each, 4-10 @$7 each, 11-20 @ $6 each, 21-50 @ $5 each. Sale starts Friday in the early morning when the shop reopens.

Hi Fi:
Sale starts Friday.

One Hand Washes The Other:
Friday AND Monday.

The Morbid The Merrier:
At checkout, use coupon code BLACK to receive 15% off your order. Also, buy three get one free lip balms. Enter your free balm of choice in the note to seller section at checkout. There are also EXCLUSIVE sale perfumes up in the shop. Sale starts NOW!


I'll probably edit this post later, seeing as how it's 3 AM and I'm tired as hell. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you pick up some good bargains!


  1. Sweet! Thanks for posting this! I'll have to check out TMTM!

    And Happy Thanksgiving Amy!

  2. Thank you for posting this, I wasn't aware of the Morgana sale and there's a couple things I'd love to get!

  3. Peach- i was so damn tempted to get something but i was a good girl and didn't. :) thank you, hope you had a good holiday. :D
    Heather- you're welcome darlin'! i picked up some things from her too, hehe. :p