Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Halloween Look

I didn't dress up on Sunday (actual Halloween day) because... I just didn't feel like it. :p Everyone seemed to be celebrating on Saturday this year too. This is a look I did to go with a jester costume that I... "spruced up". I took pics before I did my hair and had my outfit on, I kinda wish now I had waited. =( Oh well, you get the idea. :D

The gold is GDE "Trophy Wife", the blue is from a WnW palette, the green is Jesse's Girl "Antique Green" and there are 3 various reds/purples. Yes, if you're going to ask... I did cut my boobs out of the picture. :p


  1. How pretty! This looks awesome! Love how you blended the colors. Wish you would have got pictures in your costume!

  2. Peach- thanks! and yeah, maybe next time =(
    Kathy- thank youuuu! :D

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