Saturday, November 20, 2010

One of My Fav Color Combos

So, these pics are REALLY old as well, but this is one of my favorite color combos and I do tend to wear it quite often.

Pale Yellow from LA Colors "Tease" palette
Jesse's Girl Eyedust in "Red Flambe"
Plain black, applied lightly


  1. :O Beautiful! It's blended so perfectly. Oh, and your hair.. <333 Is that atomic pink?

  2. Anna- thankies! yes, it is, i'm pretty much obsessed with Special Effects. :) best. dye. EVAR! :D

  3. It is! I've used Cherry Bomb and Virgin Rose, both of which I LOVED.

  4. Gorgeous! I may have to steal this look. Err...borrow. :)

    I love Special Effects. Atomic Pink looks fantastic on you!

  5. Very pretty! These colors look great together! And this look matches your hair! :)

  6. Anna- ohhh love both of those colors too!
    Kathy- haha, of course, i'd love to see what amazing look you come up with! you do such pretty FOTDs. :)
    Peach- thanks! an odd combination, but it works. :D hehe yesh, it does! ^^

  7. new follower ♥

    I love this look! :-) Its super pretty, reminds me of a sunset almost

  8. Well hello and welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy it. ^^ Thank you! Hehe, yes, I like to nickname it "Sun on Fire" which makes me LOL.