Saturday, November 6, 2010

Meow Cosmetics Haul, Initial Thoughts and Swatches!

I decided to just lump my swatch and haul post together. :D I placed my order on October 28th, and my order arrived today. Pretty damn quick considering 1. they were having a big sale, 2. it was a "holiday weekend". I also got 2 free samples in my order, which really surprised me seeing as how companies never give samples if you purchase during a big sale/holiday collections.

My package came in a nice bubble mailer with a paper invoice. All 4 full sized shadows I got, plus the two free baggies of samples were in that cute little print bag! :D I ordered full sizes of Full Moon and Skelecat from the "Zombies" halloween collection, and Spell and Skeptic from the "Friday the 13th" collection. The samples I recieved are a Feliner in Inner Kitty, and a Masterpiece blush in Midsummer's Eve! Pretty fricken sweet they sent me samples of other products of theirs, rather than just different shadow samples.

Top L-R: Full Moon, Skelecat
Middle L-R: Spell, Skeptic
Bottom L-R: Inner Kitty, Midsummer's Eve

You're really going to want to click on the photos to view them full size! It really shows all the duochrome and detail!

Skeptic is ZOMFG awesome!!! Everything I'd hoped it would be. I'll do a full review on these once I get to play around with them. :D


  1. Meow! Love these colors! Skeptic is awesome! I think I have a f/s coming in my Meow order! And Skelecat looks awesome!

  2. You have a blog award my lovely!

  3. Peach- yes! it's amazing! i wore it today and i loooove it. :D
    Aoife- eek! thank you so much! :o