Monday, November 22, 2010

Mini Solstice Scents Haul and Quick Review

I have a super mini haul to share with you guys that came in the mail literally about 3 hours ago. A very special goodie from one of my favorite shops, Solstice Scents.

Last week, I reviewed six different scents I bought a little while back from the fall collection. There was one very limited perfume I had wanted to get in full size, but alas when I read Angela's blog post that she had ran out and didn't know if she'd be able to bring any back due to supplier limitations, I was so disappointed. Then last week she posted a new blog that she had made ONE more batch of the perfume, and it was posted in the shop on Etsy already. I quickly snatched one up and eagerly waited for its arrival, and yay! It came already! What a perfect way to cheer up a shitty Monday. :)

"Jack and The Devil is part trick, part treat and all Autumn Delight! A blend of sweet Vanilla Absolute, dried brown Tobacco Leaf (absolute), green and delightful Oakmoss Absolute, Warm Amber, 2 different kinds of Patchouli Essential Oil, Sugared Golden Pumpkin and subtle Spices."

Sooooo, yeah. I love this even more than I thought I would. I put just a teeny bit on my wrist as soon as I opened my package (everything safely arrived in a bubble mailer) and have not been able to stop sniffing it since. Dark spicy smells are by far my favorite, and this blend is just perfect. The tobacco is the main note (from what I can smell, anyways) and it's just lovely. This is a great unisex perfume.

I swear she must be able to read minds because the free sample I got was Gingerdead Man, the "Yule" scent I was most excited to try.

"Gingerbread Cookies crash into a dark earthy corruption of Patchouli and Vetiver Essential Oil and a Woodsy-Earth Musk...delicious...and deadly. Scent is primarily that of warm gingerbread cookies laying on top of the other 3 components that serve to temper the sweetness a bit and add depth. It is NOT a supremely heavy blend despite the use of patchouli and vetiver. Both are detectable but not overwhelming. This is perfect for those of you who like your foodie blends a little darker."

Uhm, yes, that would be me. :D Mmm, just delicious! Something you guys may or may not know about me... I'm OBSESSED with gingerbread men! I love the smell, sight, taste... and this scent is right up my alley. Will be buying a full size as soon as I get paid. :p

Have you guys ever tried anything from Solstice Scents? Anything interest you? Thoughts?


  1. Mmmm gingerbread man sounds yummy! Im obsessed with gingerbread men since my first gingerbread latte at starbucks! Drool .x

  2. These scents sound great! I'll have to check out Solstice Scents one of these days!

  3. Aoife- then you'd totally love this perfume, or the gingerbread and vanilla cream one. xD
    Peach- they're just lovely, and it's worth the money.

  4. Oh cool! gingerbread sound really interesting though I am not goof for a fragrance descriptions but I want to have a perfect collections.

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