Friday, November 5, 2010

I Haz a Problem.

Or, maybe not compared to some other people. :D At least that's how I look at it. xD

Soooo... this is kinda a haul/haul-to-come post. More, a "collective" haulage. :D

Today, I ordered 10 polishes from the Zoya BOGO free sale, so I payed for 5 and got 5 free. :D I ordered:
(As always, click to view larger photo)

I order my first Meow Cosmetics stuff! I got 2 full sized shadows from the Friday the 13th collection (Skeptic, Spell) and 2 from the Zombies collection (Skelecat, Full Moon). Can't wait! It's on it's way!

Also got some goodies from Etsy, including an order from OHWTO (One Hand Washes the Other) and one from Solstice Scents. The SS one came today and OMFG... everything is amazing. I'll post on that later. The OHWTO should be here soon, too. ^^

I also picked up a pink "CHI Air" flat iron from Bed, Bath and Beyond. Erm... I know it's not a "real" CHI since it's made in China and is manufactured by CHI Home instead of Farouk, but it was $100, is pink, AND HAS ADJUSTABLE TEMP CONTROL! HOLLA! So, I had to get it.

I got some clothing/accessories I want to share with y'all once I take pics, so that post will be on my other blog once I get around to it. (I'll link you from here) :D

I don't care how many spelling mistakes there are in this post, I'm tired, should be doing my school work, and have to get up early for work tomorrow. AKA, I'm lazy. Sorreh. :)


  1. I think we all have to same problem you do, so no worries! I'm excited to see all of the hauls! Sounds like you have been out having fun! I wan't to take advantage of the Zoya BOGO, but I'm on a low buy. But I did get a Meow order in at the end of October! :) I love Meow!

  2. Peach- hehe, yay, i'm not alone! :p ohh yes, i saw your swatches! they were very helpful to me. :3