Monday, November 1, 2010

Ugh-date and Zoya Sale

Okay, so apparently I'm not too keen on keeping up with posting. I'm so sorry about this. =( I have soooo many LOTDs to post it's sickening, but I just never seem to upload them to blogger. >.> I promise you I will be posting them and trying to catch up, though I've been really busy, I know I can do it!


PS, Zoya is having a BOGO free sale! Go to and you can get up to five free polishes (which is 10 total you need to add to your cart) and enter the code BOGO5 at the checkout. :D The sale ends November 5th.


  1. A Zoya sale! And I just started a low buy month! Nooooooo! I hope you hit up the sale and get some great polishes!

  2. i know, i put myself on a low buy because i just spent wayyyy too much money on halloween clearance stuff today lol, but i still think i may pick up a polish or two. :p