Saturday, November 27, 2010

Holiday Collections From My Favorite Companies!


I'm a super dork for holidays. I seriously prepare ALL YEAR for them, and often celebrate and leave my decorations up year-round as well. I get so damn happy and excited when I see holiday limited edition items from places it makes me squee! Just thought I'd post a list of stuff available for a limited time only from my favorite companies/ones that I whole heartedly reccommend. I'll also put my thoughts beside them, and if I want/am going to get them. :) Just 'cuz.

Let's start with scents, because that list is easier/shorter, hehe:


The Morbid The Merrier:

Perfume Oils, $12 each for 5ml:

"KRINGLE - A well-laden table... candied yams, creamy ginger, a punch of cinnamon, and a strong underscore of early grey."
Yum! Must have!

"NOELIA - Definitely on the naughty list this year. A trio of sweet baby roses, smashed and marred with black vetiver and sooty black tea."
I'm not a fan of flower scents, so I don't think I'll be getting this unless I try just a sample or something.

"FELIZ - Candied fruit, pipe smoke, sweet-bread, coffee swirled with milk, cinnamon and chocolate, and of course, poinsettia blooms."
Sounds pretty interesting, there's a lot going on here which makes me think this is a complex blend. However, not at the top of my list. Would like to try it just to see because I'm quite curious though. :)

"GRISWOLD - Aunt Edna's super swirl jello (complete with pineapple chunks....thankfully devoid of cat food topping), a tiny whiff of Eddie's cologne, essence of tree-dwelling varmints, and the most bad-ass Douglas Fir you ever did see. *Blindingly* fun. Get it soon - it'll be gone in two shakes of a squirrel's tail."
This is probably the one I'm most excited about, I want it sooo bad!

"THE DEATH OF THE OLD YEAR: Tuberose darkened by black moss, balsam of peru, and frankincense. The memory of Winter entertwined with the birth of Spring."
I don't know WTF half the smells in the description are, haha. Sounds floral? I love frank though, so I'm kinda on the fence about this one.

"HEARTH: Cozy, warm, and bittersweet. Clove spiked oranges, orange blossom tea, crackling flames and sooty ash."
Sounds divine, I *heart* warm scents, mmm!

"WINTER WOOD: An icy winter morning. Cold, wet wood, damp leaves, and a slight sting of tangy citrus fruit."
Flowers + citrus = no go for me, but I know there are some people who are going to be stoked about this one!

Lip Balms- ALLEGORY, 10 different scents, $4 each:

"Spiced Pear, Lavender and Honey, Passionfruit, Banana Coconut, Caramel Latte, Cherry Cordial, Tangerine Mint, Rootbeer Float, Winter Mint and Circus Peanut."
Would like to get Cherry Cordial, Spiced Pear and Caramel Latte, all of which sound so yummy.


One Hand Washes The Other (Artfire Shop, Etsy Shop):

Private Stock Scents, Oils $9 each for 5ml:

"The Ghost of Christmas Past: this was going to be named "remembrance" but I like this name better. A bouquet of white flowers, spiked with miniature pomanders, laid down in remembrance, and the light caress of winter's icy breath... or was it? Lilies, Clove, Hyacinth, Orange Blossom, Tangeringe, Amyris, and Peppermint."
Not sure why... but I'm pretty interested in this one. The notes don't sound like anything I'm normally into but Becca is awesome in a way that she makes me like things I normally don't... this one seems like no execption.

"And a Partridge in a Pear Tree: I may have been unable to come up with any scent inspiration for 11 lords a leaping or 5 golden rings, but a pear tree? Heck yes. Bartlett Pears, Olive Leaves, Violets and Lychee, because I don't know what a partridge smells like, but I imagine lychee smells better than a partridge."
Ah-ha, there she goes again! I've always wonder what lychee smells like... maybe now's a good time to try it?

"Reunion: It's like waking up and going downstairs to grandma's kitchen on Christmas morning, pancakes cooking, eggnog, and faint whiffs of pine needles, warmed by twinkling lights. Pancakes, Butter, Cream, Nutmeg, and a dash of Whiskey and Balsam Pine."
MUST HAVE! This sounds amazing, and is at the top of my list to try!

"Chestnuts Roasting: Chestnuts roasting on an open fire. A cup of holiday cheer. And the teensiest sliver of Aunt Judy's pumpkin pie. Ah, the holidays. Chestnuts, Brown Sugar, Pumpkin Spice, Rum, and a Crackling Fireplace."
My fav sounding one out of the "nut" scents this holiday season, I'm going to try to pick this one up.

"Sugar Plum Tippler: And you thought you knew everything there was to know about the Sugar Plum Fairy! She's got some rather unseemly habits, but hey- we all have our secrets! Available ONLY in 5mL perfume bottles or 1mL samples, and quantity is super-limited. Sweet Ripe Plums, Sugared Violets, Almond, Tobacco, Grapefruit, Vanilla, Jasmine and just enough Cognac to take the edge off."
Not really interested, and don't know why...

Stock scents, oils $8 each for 1/3 oz:

"Peppermint Cocoa: Like a candycane in your hot chocolate, this wintertime treat is smooth and creamy but brisk at the same time. Cocoa, Vanilla, Peppermint."
Another must have for me, I've been looking for someone to come out with this forever! Will be getting some ASAP.

"Balsam Apple: The perfect blend of apple and balsam pine, this is a Christmas Tree scent that isn't all sappy and prickly. Seriously, I was going to blend something like this myself so when I found it had already been done, I ordered it and I don't think I could have done a much better job- this is a new holiday favorite. Juicy Apple, Bright Cassis, Pine Needles, Jasmine Petals, Cedarwood, Cinnamon Bark, Siberian Fir."
Not really a fan of most of the notes here, I think I'll be skipping this unless just a sample to try.

*NOTE: You can also get any of these scents in most of her other products as well, check individual listings for details!


Solstice Scents:

Go HERE for scent descriptions.
Go HERE for a list of products they're available in.

Perfume Oils, $9 each:

"ROASTED CHESTNUTS & MARSHMALLOW: This is seriously one of those that you want to take a taste of. The scent of soft, slightly nutty roasted chestnuts and a faint wisp of sweet spice coupled with creamy fluffy marshmallows. Mouth watering."
Not too exciting, think I may skip unless I sample it.

"BAYBERRY: In Colonial times, candles were made from the wax of Bayberries as a favorably scented alternative to tallow. It was tiresome work as it took pounds of berries to yield just one pound of wax. Bayberry is a traditional element of the Yule and Christmas celebrations. It is not a coniferous plant, yet it smells of pine alongside subtle sweet berry notes, without the sharp top notes of pine oil. Bayberry smells of winter and is a wonderful fragrance to have in your home for the holidays. Light a Yule log, huddle near the hearth and use your Bayberry soap on Solstice Night!"
Again, same as above.

"GINGERBREAD COOKIES & VANILLA CREAM: Bakery notes of molasses, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and vanilla bean coupled withNutmeg and Cinnamon. A delicious scent to warm your spirit and senses through the cold winter nights."
Must have! I'm honestly obsessed with gingerbread anything. Will try to get multiple products in this scent.

"RICE PUDDING & RUM SOAKED RAISINS: Warm rice pudding with a toasty slightly buttery scent coupled with soft spices, a little brown sugar, a pinch of vanilla and just a tiny hint of spiced rum soaked raisins. A comforting dish for cozying up next to hearth."
At first this sounded really gross to me, now I reaaaally want it.

"GINGERDEAD MAN: Gingerbread Cookies crash into a dark earthy corruption of Patchouli, Vetiver and Earth Musk...delicious...and deadly."
MUST HAZ NAO! I got a sample of this in my last order, and oh man I'm drooling over this. This is something my mind could have only dreamed of. Will by getting this one fo sho.

"SPIKED NOG & NUTMEG: A blend of delicious creamy egg nog, a wee splash of rum, cinnamon and a few sensible drops of Nutmeg essential oil. Just like egg nog, it is not too sweet, but just enough to give this fragrance depth and body. Absolutely delicious and smells pretty close to the real thing!"
Muuuuust hhhaaaaveeee. I adore egg nog, which is one of the many reasons there's no way in hell I could ever go vegan. This blend sounds SO yummy.


High Voltage Cosmetics:

Naughty or Nice Collection
$5 each
Ordered Fa-La-La-La already, which is the one I was most interested in. :)

Winter Wonderland Collection
$5 each
Ordered Snowball Fight and Snow Blind, which are the two that I wanted most, though all of them look awesome.


Morgana Cryptoria:

Holiday Lipsticks
$10 each
Both of these look awesome, but the gold one especially!


Meow Cosmetics:

Eyeshadows $8 each

Will wait until I see swatches to decided if I want any, though none look too exciting.

Xmas Trees
Again, I'd like to see swatches, although I'm such a green shadow freak they all look gorgeous!

Holiday Wishes
Serenity and Mirth look totally awesome, can't wait to see these swatched!

Xmas Rant
Seriously, someone needs to swatch these babies! They all look AMAZING I really hope they live up to the pictures and descriptions, because as of right now I'd like to get them all, lol.

Holiday Ghost Stories
All of these look plain awesome, I'm so glad someone's coming forward with cheek colors like this.

Blitzen looks the most interesting to me, and I may pick it up if the swatch live up to my expectations.

12 Pains of Xmas
Want Burnt Turkey for sure, and maybe Tree Fire.

Merry Mayhem
Coal and Jingle seem to catch my attention the most. :)

Brr looks awesome! Don't know about any others, I'm not a blue person.

Glacial Grove
I'm really digging metallics right now, and all of these look soooo beautiful! These actually make me want to wear brown!

Ghost of Xmas Past
Want Grinch for sure, and looking at Midnight Kiss, Vixen, Elf, Frostbite and Ornament.

Winter Spirits
I'm so glad they re-did the pictures for these, they are so much easier to see now. Sherry and Port look lovely, I'd like to get them if I get a chance.


*whew* Wow, if you've managed to last this long I applaud you.
I'd really like to hear your thoughts!
What do you look for in holiday collections? Scents? Shadows? Stocking Stuffers?
Like I said, I love everything that has to do with the holidays, and I can't keep my eyes off these! I have two more "major" gifts to buy, then I'm going to blow ALL of my money. xD 'Tis the season.


  1. Mmm im liking the Morbid the Merrier lipbalms - Circus Peanut? I have no idea what that is but i sure as hell wanna find out! And um pretty much want all of the Solstice scents perfume oils, damn especially ginger bread cookies and vanilla cream, oh. my. god!

  2. Circus Peanuts are a candy they have here in the USA, and they're soooo good! Haha yes, that one's at the top of my list right now. :)

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