Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Epic OHWTO Haul!

This is actually a combination of an older order and a Cyber Monday order, which Becca was so kinda as to hold my other order so she could combine the shipping for me.

There was a good many cute little goodies in my rather large box, including two free scent samples, some stickers (I forgot to include them in the pic), temporary xmas tattoos, two little squishy balls (FUCKING FUN), some cards and more!


There was a sale on Cyber Monday that you'd get a vegan soap and a solid perfume for only $5.55! Yeah, like I could pass that up?! I also got a Black Magic bar, and some other 2 oz sized products to try so I can do a full review.

Dude... she included a free full sized solid perfume! That's so sweet and thank you so much Becca! I'm so pissed I can't smell right now because these all seem so damn awesome! :p

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