Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Talk a Walk on Sunset BLVD

Jesse's Girl Eyedust in "Sunset BLVD" on lid
Shimmer cream color from old AVON palette
Matte brown from same old AVON palette

To be honest I really liked this look, even if it was "neutral". :p Sunset BLVD is so fucking awesome, it's brown yet orange yet pink, and full of sparkle!


  1. This looks very nice on you !

  2. Okay, I think I've got it down...this is my favorite. Wait, no, lemme look at the other ones again...

  3. Another great warm look! Neutral looks are always fun for a change!

  4. Luna- Thank you! :D
    Lady- LOL! xD
    Jill- Yeah, I do like to switch things up a bit because I do have some pretty brown shades I enjoy playing with. :)