Wednesday, December 15, 2010

More Morgana Swatches?!

I just added four more pics to my Morgana Cryptoria swatch post. I have NO IDEA where they were on my hard drive when I posted the others, because I was going crazy looking for them! They were taken the day before the other swatches, so they look a little different. :)

PLUS! I just now figured out why my swatch pics look so much better on my computer before I crop them... I always just thought it was because I resize them from jumbo down to 800px but noooooo. It's the fact that I save them as JPEG when I should be saving them as PNG!

Lol, fail. -_-


  1. I hate it when I misplace pics! And I'll have to try saving pics as a PNG to see if they look any better!

  2. I didn't know that either! I'll have to try it! But your swatches are always amazing anyway!

  3. Jill- They really do! It makes the file size larger which is why I only do it for swatch pics but it's totally worth it.
    Sandi- It really does make a difference. Aww, thank you. :D

  4. I did not know that either! I'm so bad at anything involving technology haha xx

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