Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Morgana Cryptoria Haul & Swatches!

EDIT: **Added the top four pictures!**

More yummies for today! Another Cyber Monday haul. :) All shadows were 50% off (!!!) and I HAD to pick some up that I'd been eyeing for a while.

Top, L-R: Shining Armor, Chivalry, Gauntlet, Alexandria
Bottom, L-R: Brew Haha, She Creature, Underworld, All Holos-Gleam

Trying to show the sparkle in All Holos Gleam.

I also picked up a lipstick in Rustic that I wanted for so long but was waiting until my next order to buy. It's a brown with STRONG green sparkle and shift, I love this so much!

Another sickly full face. Oh my. :p

Check them out!

I really like all of these and can't wait to wear them! Holy balls All Holos Gleam is fiiiiilled with glitter, which I couldn't really capture in pictures. Not gonna lie, these are some of the worst swatch pics I've ever taken. I just could not get any of them to show up they way they do in real life. The top row is pretty acurate, but them bottom just would not photograph the delicious sparkle and dimension. You'll just have to take my word for it. :p


  1. underworld looks sexy as hell - I want. ♥ I can't wait until my Morgana Cryptoria Package comes.

  2. Very pretty swatches! I know the colors are lovely ;)

  3. Shining Armor + Chivalry = <3.

    Beautiful swatches, both eyeshadows and lips!

  4. Yay for Morgana swatches! I think your swatches look awesome! And All Holos Gleam is an very sparkly color!

  5. Alicia- Underworld has SO MUCH multicolor shimmer!
    Phyrra- Hehe, well of course you would. ;) Thank ya darlin'. :p
    Lady- Thanks! Omg Chivalry is awesome, the green shift is so strong.
    Jill- Thanks! :D Oh man it's a glitter bomb!
    Kathy- Thank you! :D

  6. I just love Gauntlet! That lippie is beautiful! :D

  7. Wendy- They're both awesome! I like Gauntlet a lot more than I thought I would, it's so dimensional!

  8. Nice swatches! Glad you snagged some great shadows. Morgana Cryptoria is my all time fav. :-)

  9. Blix- Indeed, they're some of my favs too. :)

  10. I really want Gauntlet everytime I see it. I'll break down one of these days and make an order!

  11. Sandi- You should it's so pretty!