Monday, December 13, 2010

High Voltage Haul & Swatches!


So the last of my Cyber Monday orders came in and I'm so excited! I'm still sick and look like TOTAL SHIT right now but I couldn't help myself and had to play with these. I took lippie swatches so please excuse how terrible my lips are right now. :p

I got 12 full sized eyeshadows as they were buy two get one free.

Top, L-R: Mystic Secrets, Save The Princess, Fa La La
Bottom, L-R: State of Mind, Traditional, Modified

Top, L-R: Pin Up, November Rain, Little Miss Perfect
Bottom, L-R: Life of The Party, Snow Blind, Snowball Fight

Top row is Lip Whips, bottom row is Amplified Lips
Top, L-R: Midnight Desire, Just a Girl, Rich and Famous, Kashmir, Iron Butterly, Ice Princess
Bottom, L-R: Alter Ego, Mistress, Pyromania


Alter Ego



Rich and Famous (SO FUCKING VIBRANT that it messed up my camera and photographed odd!)

Just a Girl

Midnight Desire (Which did not photograph well either)

Ice Princess

Ice Princess again to show more shades of the multichrome in this baby, look at that gold and green against the purple and grey base!

Iron Butterfly (Which would NOT photograph at all, it's so much more vibrant than this!)

Full face with Iron Butterfly, just for good measure.

I adore everything I got and seriously could not be happier. I've never bought anything from this company that I didn't fall in love with, this order was no exception!

Check them out!

I wish my swatches came out better, but it is do dark here right now and I'm not the best at taking pics to begin with. :p The "bright" colors were so washed out, trust me when I say these are knock-your-socks-off.


  1. Oh my god I think I need "Just a Girl"

  2. I thought your lip swatches looked fantastic! I can't decide what I want...can't I have them all?

  3. I have Mistress on the way, now I can't wait to get it! I think I *need* Ice Princess now too! :)

  4. Goddamn your lip swatches make me want all of them!! All so pretty! And Iron Butterfly looks really good with your hair!

  5. Alicia- Thank ya! :D
    Anna- After I posted this I was going to go back through your blog to find that post were you were looking for a good purple, I really think you should try this! It's so opaque and feels AMAZING on!
    Lady- Thank you, they were so dry and cracked I was worried lol. You need to place an order with them sometime, I KNOW you'll love their stuff. :p
    Sandi- Mmm, Mistress is so yummy! You totally do, I really didn't think Ice Princess would have so much dimension to it but whoa.
    Aoife- Hehe, I think I have a new obsession and now I'm making another wishlist for more lippies. Thank you, I don't know why but I love green lip shades. :p

  6. Oooooh, those lippies will be mine, yes, they will. Especially Ice Princess.

  7. Kathy- Hmm, Ice Princess seems to be popular. ;) You'd look hot in these colors!

  8. I really like Ice Princess and thanks for posting Kashmir- really wanted to see that one 'live'. Awesome!

  9. TianneMarie- That one sure is popular and no problem, Kashmir is awesome. :)