Monday, December 20, 2010

Me + Blue

Mkay, so I finally caved in and bought one of these. I happened to have found them at my local Walmart and had to have this as soon as I saw it. It's a brilliant bright blue PACKED with yummy holo glitter! I normally don't like the color blue... on anything... but this polish is so pretty. It's one of the new Justin Beiber shades and is Walmart exclusive.

Rant: Don't freak out, it drives me crazy when people act like assholes just because it's someone they don't like or that it's not "cool" to like. Guess what? I could care less about this kid either way. Don't be all dramatic, there's no need for it. The more you overreact about NOT liking him you look like just as big of an ass as the people who kiss the ground he walks on. Grow the fuck up, I'm sick of hearing about it. /rant

A picture of my hands to show you what they actually look like. I was born with these horribly crooked hands and I get asked about them all the time and just thought I'd share. :p I happen to like them. When I put just my pinkies in the air and hold them up to my head I like to pretend I have horns. Tehee. :D

I still have a lot to post and it all just keeps snowballing! I'm kinda going through a personal dilema and have no idea what to do. It's nothing to do with my health, don't worry, I just tend to get myself into some messed up situations I guess you could say. Plus things have been crazy at work because of the holidays. Ugh, retail. Ugh, food. Ugh, stupid people.

I love you guys. I just wanted you to know that. <3


  1. Love this color! Who cares which line its from. The color should speak for itself! And very interesting pinky fingers! We all have our own quirks! :) Thats what makes us unique!

  2. Jill- Thank you for letting me know I'm not the only one who feels that way about things! People just overreact, haha. Thank you, I used to hate them when I was little because people would always try to break them to make them straight but now I really like them. :p

  3. I don't have anything against the Bieber, but I just wasn't into this line when I first saw pics. I thought it was kind of meh, but I am *loving* that blue! Might have to pick it up myself.

    And my pinkies kind of do the same thing yours do, though on a smaller scale. It's almost unnoticeable when I spread my fingers out, but when I hold my fingers together, my pinkies are like...knock-kneed. :D And yay for pinky-horns!

  4. Im so jealous - I love the Bieber line I don't give a shit who he is but I love that line - except I can't find it in any of my walmarts close by *cries*

  5. omg those nails are killer, love them!
    feel free to follow xxo