Saturday, December 11, 2010

Quick Update (AKA, I got a lot to post!)

Before I say anything at all I'd just like to give a big shout out to The Peach! Dude, do you know what this awesome lady did for me?! She saw my post a while ago that said in the beginning about how I couldn't find the WnW holiday palettes and I got a lovely email saying that she was getting them to send out to me. :o Well, that fucking awesome package came in the mail yesterday! She sent me Night Elf, Sugar Plum Fairy and Snow Sprite! There was also a Fantasy Makers gloss too! EEEEEEPPPPP! I seriously cannot thank you enough, to think that someone would just out of the blue be so kind as to send someone they've never even met something like that. It really means so much to me, you have no idea. Love you lady. :)

Uhm, so, I have some more awesome stuff to post for you guys, but to be honest I'm really in a lot of pain right now. This is one of those "personal" posts so feel free to skip it from here on. :)

With my disease comes a VERY weak immune system, and I get sick 6-8 times per season (Oct-March). This is round #3 so far since early November, and this one's really knocked me down. I stay sick (I normally get bronchitis, but I've had mono twice and step throat at least once a year, among other things) for about a week to two weeks at a time, and I'm almost at that two week mark right now. With my bronchitis comes a more body pain on top of my daily blahness from my disease so it all snowballs into a cluster of eww.

I don't really like leaving all this mumbo jumbo on my blog about my health and all but I don't want to disappear without an explanation. You guys deserve better than that, and since I know a lot of you and have really gotten to be good friends with some of you I feel like I really *should* try to be more open about things. Maybe some day. :)

I'll be posting normally again and getting caught up on all of your amazing blogs once my sickness goes away, which is hopefully soon. :p


  1. Aww honey, sounds like youve really had a tough time! You dont have to apologise for anything, real life always comes before blogging and we'll all still be here when you get back! Seriously hope you feel better soon! Virtual hugs!! .x

  2. So glad the package got to you! Sorry to hear that you have been sick :( Hang in there! Hopefully it will clear up soon. Just sucks to be sick for so long, especially this time of the year.

  3. Aoife- Thank you so much that really made me smile. :) *Hugs*
    Peach- Yeah, it always comes and goes but ugh I wish it would just stay away, lol.

  4. Oh no! Sorry you get sick so often! I get seasonal allergies every time the weather changes, and that's bad enough. Seriously ill 6-8 times a season? BOOO. Will send get-better-soon vibes your way. Hugs!

  5. Kathy- Thank you so so much. :) And yeah, like I said I'm used to it but it still sucks balls.