Thursday, December 2, 2010

High Voltage Halloween Collection Looks (Pic Heavy)

I have four looks using only the High Voltage Halloween collections. I really adore these shadows, they are so smooth and easy to blend, and right now they're back for a limited time so go get them! I'll be doing a full review on this company in the near future once my most recent order comes in the mail (any day now, I'm so pumpped!) and I can try and fully use more of their products. :)

The first three I did right after I recieved these, the last one is from yesterday.

Trick or Treat on lid,
Vampire's Kiss in crease

Bloody Mary on lid,
Graveyard Dirt in crease

Tombstone on lid,
Witches' Brew in crease

Ghost Town on inner corners,
Zombie Chic on lid,
Swamp Thing in crease
Morgana Cryptoria lipstick in Serpent on lips (discontinued, one of my fav lippies! This was after I wore it for 6 hours at work and eating! Amazing stuff!)


  1. Girl, you are ROCKING that lipstick. I am loving all the looks, especially the last one. Seriously, green eyeshadow and dark lipstick? Hells yes I am there. :D

  2. I just love the name of Graveyard Dirt! Lol Serpent is pretty amazing, it goes so well with the green shadow!

  3. Lady- thank youuuu! i have such a colored lipstick fetish, lol.
    Aoife- haha, i know, the name rocks right?! i love her lippies soooo much, you need to check them out, she has colors i know you'll love. ;)

  4. i like the first look a LOT, i also like your hair in the last pics!

  5. I LOVE the last combo - its so pretty ♥

  6. Elizabeth- thanks! the first one is my fav too. :p
    Alicia- thank you so much! :)

  7. Love these, thanks for posting! I totally need HV's Halloween collection, and I'm so sad I missed out on Serpent. It's seriously awesome.

  8. What great looks! I think my favorite is the first one! And the dark lipstick is awesome!

  9. Kathy- thank you, yes you'd look so pretty in them, i can especially picture you rocking Graveyard Dirt. ;) she has a new green one out now that looks divine. high voltage has a green lippie or two as well.
    Peach- thanks! ohh yeah man, i have a few little hauls that have some new goodies i'm sure are going to spark your interest on their way. :p