Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Need Your Help...

I'd really like your help/opinions.

I'm looking for new brushes....

I've really been interested in the Sigma brushes, but something about the brand seems "meh". I don't know what it is but it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. All of the reviews I've seen are from mainly "big name" youtubers that like to call themselves "gurus" (which I can't fucking stand, which is why I don't watch makeup vids on YT anymore) and I dunno... I'd really like you all to weigh in because I KNOW you guys will give me straight up opinions because you're not just saying shit to get more views, you guys review stuff because you are looking for nothing less than the best quality.

I'm mainly looking for some face brushes, like a duo fiber for applying my liquid foundation, a better powder brush, ect. Also looking for some blending brushes and other unique brushes, and Sigma seems to offer quite a few which is why I've been so interested.

I have a few Sonia Kashuk ones that I'm quite pleased with... but my face brushes are all travel-sized Posh ones I got from Kmart a few years ago when I first started doing makeup, and I REALLY need a change. I have burn scars, acne scars and some current acne that I cover up and that's why I though a duo fiber brush would be good for me. The ecotools sets look pretty nice too, and I know Phyrra uses them all the time so they must be pretty good, but I'd be mainly getting those for eye brushes since they don't offer what I'm looking for in the face brush department.

Any help, suggestions or opinions you guys could give me would be sooooo greatly appriciated. :) I fully trust you all and I know there's no one else better to ask! I fucking love you guys!


  1. Honestly I would suggest Eco tools brushes. They are enviornmentally friendly, excellent quality, decent prices and you can get them at WalMart, CVS, Walgreens etc.
    Sigma gives me to not quite honest I avoid them.

  2. I second the Ecotools suggestion. They're so easy to get a hold of and they're very reasonably priced, especially if you get the multi-brush kits. I love their large concealer brush for packing on loose eyeshadows. They have a duo fiber brush as part of a kit, but I've never tried it.

    I've purchased from Sigma before; their brushes are okay and I've never had any issues with suspicious behavior on their part. One of the brushes sheds a lot, but that's the only issue I've encountered. I do agree that it's very off-putting that they're going for the Youtube "gurus" for most of their advertising. Seems like squirrelly business practice.

  3. Uhum I dont really use that many face brushes, i prefer using my fingers (clean of course) when putting on foundation, same goes for concealer lol, but I do have an Eco tools powder brush and i love it! Really good quality, no shedding, and super soft. Uhh sorry i cant be of more help!

  4. I'll fourth the EcoTools suggestion; I've got quite a few of them, and they are my hands-down favorites.

  5. I'll fourth the Ecotools brushes rec. I've got several and they're my hands-down favorites.

  6. Andrea- yeah, that's kinda how i feel about sigma too. don't know why, just do. thanks :)
    Mango- hello :) thanks so much, that was really helpful indeed, it's nice to have a comment from someone who has BOTH kinds of brushes!
    Aoife- lol, well, that's still helpful to know! :)
    Kathy- thanks! the more i look at them the more they appeal to me.

    hmm, i'm still deciding, so please keep the comments coming guys!
    thank you all so much, this is really helping me choose.

  7. I don't know a whole lot about brushes. But have you ever browsed the brushes adorned with Grace has? I have a couple of the duo-fiber brushes from awG and they seem like good ones, in my opinion!

  8. Peach- hmm, never heard of those, i'll have to check them out. thanks for the tip! :D